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Top Industries That Can Gain Profit from App Development in 2024 image
Top Industries That Can Gain Profit from App Development in 2024

Top Industries That Can Gain Profit from App Development in 2024
March 1, 2024

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The past few years have seen some remarkable trends in mobile app development in fast internet speed, affordability and smartphones. The development of hardware and technology in the smartphone space has led to the spiraling desires of companies worldwide.   

In this year, it will be a period that will be dominated by the businesses. That needs effective strategies to take part in the competitive market. Let us have a closer look at this article, which is a comprehensive guide focusing on the industries that will benefit from mobile app development.

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Industries with Highest App Downloads in 2023 and Future Growth Prospects for 2024

Top Industries that can be Befitted by Mobile App Development

The following is the list of top industries that will have significant growth from mobile application development:

Top Industries that can be Befitted by Mobile App Development
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IT Industry

To persuade the other sectors towards innovations, the IT industry needs to show the advantages of products or services to their clients which they can do easily through their apps. Some of these tech firms display properly how specific smartphone apps can help to transform their environment of business landscape.  

Mobile apps create encouragement among companies to showcase the work done by an app development team wonderfully. The IT business can also use their software for the market in a more elegant way to increase the portfolio of jobs in the emerging years.

Retail Industry

The retail industry is a type of industry that has different dynamics in businesses. Mobile apps for the retail industry will bring change to the whole industry. With the help of a dedicated mobile app, retailers can offer many ingenious features that will help them retailers to advertise their goods, reach their consumers, create a brand presence and improve sales eventually.  

Recognizing the value of a mobile app for retail businesses and integrating them into the possible strategies of development can lead to a successful venture in the retail industry. 

Grocery and Online Food Industry

This is one of the most popular and demanding among all other industries – food and grocery delivery, as most people prefer to get their favorite delivered to their doorstep. In recent years, we have seen many vast usage of food delivery apps. Since the fear of COVID-19 is still among the people, most of them avoid standing in the queue for a long time. Instead, they order their groceries from their mobile app. Due to this reason, the food delivery app development has increased, and its user base is expected to grow more in 2024.

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Education Industry 

The pandemic is still ongoing. So, it has changed the way of studying as well. Educational content has been consumed in the past few years to such an extent, and it is expected to grow more.  

The ease of mobility has helped in the contribution of the learning process making it much cheaper and easier with the latest eLearning app development. Mobile apps have brought a huge interest in education allowing students to clasp their content swiftly, making the usage of mobile apps to acquire high performance in the future.

Tourism Industry

Gone are the days when you must visit tours and travel to book your flight and hotel. So, now all the bookings are possible with the help of a mobile app. The travel & and tourism app can offer all the necessary features for the tourists, which they can do while sitting at home like finding the exact location of a place or having some expert advice to reach that place. Due to this, more travel app development businesses are emerging to make their brand and presence, resulting in attracting more travellers.

E-Commerce Industry

The E-commerce industry is undoubtedly one of the most profitable industries from mobile apps. Online shopping has become much simpler because of the rise of these E-commerce apps which will increase further. Brands can now send notifications about the delivery status of the customers’ ordered products and give recommendations of similar products encouraging them to purchase them.   

The enhanced realism of online shopping allowed the e-commerce application development companies to provide detailed descriptions of their products, along with their online options for payment. Real-time location of their products to be delivered, and many more.  

E-Commerce Industry


In the past few years, healthcare app development has created traction so that they can assist those patients in remote locations with the most up-to-date techniques and healthcare services and on-demand doctors and telemedicine. Currently, there are over 100,00 apps available in the app store for download. Some of these apps focus on providing top-notch healthcare services while some provide some health-related consultations and advice.  

Some healthcare apps serve as a connection between the patients and the doctors despite not having any physical presence between them. On the other hand, many individuals collect data from their wearable devices and make exact diagnoses and real-time choices.  

The mobile apps in the world that are popular are those that provide information relating to loss or gain of weight, health of the women, and any information related to their pregnancy, yoga or fitness, and many more.


A mobile app can be useful for companies to create a strong user base. The apps provide a hassle-free and straightforward way of living for the users. With a few simple clicks of the customers, a small business can turn into a large brand. It has become easier for businesses to get connected to their target audience, and this trend will not continue to grow. 


For positioning their businesses in the worldwide market, most companies are taking help from a mobile app. The app development companies like us, Sunrise Technologies have created a revolution in the online market not just in Australia but in other countries as well. The growing popularity of mobile apps has risen to such an extent because of our dependency on them, which is still growing daily. Due to this, the Android and iOS app development trends of 2024, have been followed by the on-demand mobile application development.

It helps to meet the demands of the industries, ensuring that all industrial sectors are covered practically, benefiting from optimized and contemporary mobile apps. To build these kinds of apps, careful execution is required along with an Android development firm, like us, Sunrise Technologies with knowledge in the technical aspect. You can reach out to us to get help in the creation of an app for your niche or any kind of consultation. 

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