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Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends in 2024

Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends in 2024
Feb 24, 2024

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It was witnessed that most companies have decided to re-establish their approaches in business, following the transformation trends in 2024.The trends in this digital transformation consist of intelligent search, hybrid work, machine learning AIOps and Machine Learning (ML), and many others. In this article, we will help you to introduce each of these trends and the Digital Transformation Solutions they offer.  

Digital Transformation Change in 2024

Technology is bringing change to every sector and industry. To remain competitive and stay ahead of the edge, businesses should embrace digital transformation trends. In 2024, we will see such trends evolving to shape the innovation and approach of technology.This article will help you take a closer look at the top 10 trends that are going to shape the technological landscape in 2024 and beyond

Digital Transformation Change in 2024
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Automation-driven and No-code technology

Everyone is opting for automation, but businesses must give priority to cost-effectiveness first because of the economy. Automation is the development of working methods for reducing the time spent on the work during the promotion of growth and gaining achievement with fewer resources.The following steps if followed can be affordable and simple you start with one of the most digital transformation trends for the implementation of automation in your company.

Nevertheless, of your approach, most of the efforts made by automation are supported by AI. You can imagine these two trends complementing each other to enable more effective and intelligent automation for your businesses.

Composable Business

To give response to the changing market demand many companies are facing challenges due to data silos and outdated technology. According to MuleSoft, in 2024, this issue will be overcome with the adoption of composable strategies by businesses.This approach will allow the development team to make use of their existing capabilities and resources in a more flexible way. It will help in building and expanding customer loyalty more and more.  

Anything/Everything as a Service (XaaS)

Make room for an advanced cloud because a renowned digital transformation trend has an expectation to display in new and unexpected ways in the upcoming year(s). Although data accessing through a data hub has become a typical way.  

Most people access information through the cloud according to their convenience time and location. Embracing technology on an enterprise level helps in collaborating second nature while removing the cost of physical hardware. Additionally, cloud-native applications can produce and measure the results of businesses more easily with the help of the acceptance of extensive users.

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Building Confidence with Cyber Security

Protection of such data becomes more important as more enterprises transform their data to the cloud. Hybrid work is intact, and it has become easier than before from phishing scams and other simple techniques for compromising corporate data security. It is one of the latest Digital transformation trends of 2024. Data security is a continuous concern, but still, the data of the clients is exposed because the stakes are very high.

A simple data breach can lead to losing the faith of the customer. Because at that moment their credit card details, address and email addresses are at stake. Microsoft’s “zero trust approach” helps to prevent a lot of data from the enterprise. It prevents financial losses, reputational damages, and legal action.  

Building Confidence with Cyber Security

CDP for Personalization

The interaction of a customer or consumer with their brand, from their online ordering to their first social media click, helps to generate valuable data.  Organizing the right tool and turning vast data of the customers’ journey into an actionable insight can be a matter of challenge. A Customer Data Platform (CDP) brings all the customers’ data together under a single profile of the actual time profile helping to provide a combined customer view.  

It is easy for the decision-makers to analyze the insights quickly and take instant action to drive conversions, as the data is securely stored and organized in a single central database. Like the other tools, CDPs help in the empowerment of the company to understand their customers completely offering customer experience in a more exceptional form.  

Daily usage of ML and AI

An Artificial Intelligence (AI) system succeeds when it automates the time-consuming manual process or accesses the relevant information quickly, making free time for the employees to influence the company positively. Plus, since AI can work around the clock, it is not repressed by working hours or time zones.  

However, the chance does not have the limitations of AI. Ai and other programs can modify and enhance their performance by adding layers of Machine Language (ML), learning from all the possible accessed data. The ML system can discover insights where the clients’ performance is better and faster, helping to accumulate more data over time. 

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Model of Hybrid Workforce

The Digital Transformation of hybrid workplaces consists of cloud-based platforms, virtual communication tools, and adaptable policies for the projects. It helps in supporting seamless productivity and communication among in-office and remote teams.Grasping into technologies like project management software, video conferencing, and digital workspaces helps enable employees to collaborate effectively despite their locations.   

This transformation also involves implementing the rigid data of cybersecurity to protect sensitive data in the dispersed environment. Shaking hands with the hybrid work models helps to adopt satisfaction of the employees, and swift and operational flexibility, showing the evolution of the natural world of modern dynamic works. 

Total Experience (TX)

Businesses give priority to enhancing customer experience (CX) for the protection of revenue, promotion of growth, and adapting loyalty. It has become clear that improving the employees’ experience (EX) is crucial for success, and it is not one of the Digital Transformation trends but an essential aspect for market survival.  

According to a prediction by MuleSoft, more and more top enterprises started considering total experience (TX) in 2023, improving the journeys of both their employees and customers, particularly those areas where they converge. Utilizing the investment of current technology that is the foundation of critical employee and customer experience projects, will create a divided experience, and bring more value to the business. 

Sustainability Towards the Environment

Given that environmental sustainability is beneficial to the world and has the potential to differentiate an enterprise as a “green crusader”, CXOs are silently active on the issue. Looking at the Digital transformation trends, the corporates in 2024 will use a composable method for integrating and unlocking apps and data, using analytics and automation for generating insights, and ultimately bringing sustainability to business operations.  

Approximately a maximum number of technology leaders, at present, will acknowledge sustainability as the main aim of the Information Technology (IT) in their company and make expectations for an increase in budget of 10 to 20% over the next three years.

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AIOps for the Support of Microservices

AIOps is creating a revolution in microservices by offering irregular or abnormal detection, automated monitoring, and predictive insights for optimizing reliability and performance. It helps to grasp the algorithms that are AI-driven and improves the allocation of resources, AIOps platforms help to trim incident resolution. And helps in the dynamic measure of microservices.   

These trends help to empower the organizations that manage the complex architecture of microservices proactively, thus helping to reduce downtime and enhance flexibility within the system. By sticking to the capabilities of AIOps, businesses can perform the following tasks efficiently: 


The digital transformation trends of 2024 will bring outstanding changes in how individuals and businesses interact with technology. It focuses on the technology 2024 journey and its direction. With the help of these advancements, companies like us, Sunrise Technologies, a mobile app development company in Australia, can expect enhanced efficiency and customer experience, along with a trimmed operation.  

As one of the best digital transformation consulting firms, we recommend that it is necessary to approach these trends carefully and consider the ethical suggestions they might drive into.  

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