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A Complete Guide to the Software Development Cost in 2024
A Complete Guide to the Software Development Cost in 2024

A Complete Guide to the Software Development Cost in 2024
March 05, 2024

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If the question arises as to whether it is expensive to develop software, the answer is that it depends. It is a common and typical question that arises in the minds of every business owner:  

“How much does it cost to develop software?”  

The development cost of custom software might depend significantly on many factors, including the stack of technologies used. The price range can go from a few thousand dollars to a six-figure sum. It is possible for any software development company to provide a specific amount, but to be honest, the price will not be exact.  

According to research by the Harvard Business Review, on average, one out of six software projects cross its budget. This can cause strain on the financial resources of the business, leading to cutting off the resources in other areas or an inferior software product. But the good thing is that these issues can be addressed proactively. With proper planning and ample insights, you can come up with a better estimate of the pricing.  

In this article, we will discuss the factors that will influence the software development cost, and we will also mention the strategies that will lead to effective cost management and budget planning. So, without further delay, let us explore the world of custom software development. 

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About Software Development

Software development is the process of programming, testing, maintaining, and designing software applications. It consists of a combination of problem-solving, technical skills, and collaboration to build a custom software solution meeting the specific address and the requirements of the users.  

During the software development process, the developers use frameworks, programming languages, and tools to write code that instructs the computers to perform specific tasks. They create system designs, analyze requirements, debug and write code, and test software for proper performance, functionality, and security.

Factors Considering the Development Cost of Software

Factors Considering the Development Cost of Software

Complexity of the Project

A software project with complex requirements and a larger scope generally requires more resources, testing efforts, and development time, which can increase costs. Depending on factors such as the involvement of technical challenges, desired functionalities, and intended user experience (UX), your software project can fall into the following three categories:

It mainly involves:

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The requirements mostly demand more effort and time in research, testing, prototyping, and repetitive refinement. It is crucial to note that an app can be classified as basic, simple, or complex, and it can depend on the target audience, context, and standard of the industry.  

But it does not matter what type of software you have. The only thing to remember is that the more complicated the project is, the more time it takes to complete, and hence the more software development costs. For a better idea, here is an estimate of sample feature efforts:

Estimate of Efforts
Profiles of the Users
1 week
Common social login and signup
2 weeks
Basic integration of the calendar
3 weeks
Verification of identity (driver’s license or passport)
3 weeks
4 to 5 weeks
Sell or buy in the marketplace
5 weeks
Video calling
8 weeks

Expertise and Skills of the Developers

Highly experienced and skilled developers often ask for higher amounts, but their expertise and efficiency can lead to a faster and more effective development process and the possibility of reducing costs. While the initial investment in hiring experienced developers might be higher, their expertise, efficiency, and ability to deliver top-quality results in a shorter time frame can result in long-term cost reductions. 

Methodology in Development

There are many methodologies in software development, but the most common ones fall either under the agile development model of pricing or a fixed rate. In the fixed-rated development model, the client and the software development company agree on a fixed price for the project. Under this agreement, the software development cost is established and agreed upon before the beginning of the development process.  

The fixed-rate agreement provides predictability in cost, often resulting in lower quality of development and higher prices in the long term. In contrast, fast methodologies such as Scrum and Kanban promote repetitive development and continuous feedback, allowing for adjusting to the project’s priorities and better cost control.  These consist of breaking the project into small, manageable tasks so that your developer team can work on the projects of higher priority and help deliver value in a smaller development cycle.

It helps allow stakeholders to provide feedback early and make the necessary adjustments. A fast environment can also help startups afford the ability to create software with scalability, keeping in mind future needs.  Accordingly, designing the architecture and forecasting future growth helps avoid expensive rework and overhauling of the system down the line.  

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Urgency and timeframe

When faced with accelerated development schedules or tight deadlines, software development might require extra measures to meet time limitations. It often involves allocating extra resources, adjusting the team size, or making sure of overtime work, creating an impact on the overall project cost. The following are the factors that can influence the budget of the project:  


As mentioned, bigger projects with more complicated features often need a bigger team of developers and a longer timeframe for development. It is important to optimize software development costs to give priority to the necessary functionality and features. You can reach out to a reliable software development company in Australia like us, Sunrise Technologies, for any further queries. Partnering with us can lead to unlocking the full possibility of your software development project, and that too at an affordable cost.

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