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Cost to Build a Smart Home Automation App in Australia

Cost to Build a Smart Home Automation App in Australia
February 19, 2024

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With the seamless integration of advanced technologies used in everyday life, people are experiencing a high level of comfort and convenience. Smart home apps are one of them that are creating a revolution. With its help, homeowners can access their home appliances remotely like the security, temperature, lighting and entertainment system   

The technology of IoT (Internet of Things) is used by the app for connecting the devices to create a connected home environment. AI-powered smart home apps can help to improve the quality of life by providing energy savings, automation and greater security with the help of customisable advanced functionality and user interface.  

Smart home apps are gradually reshaping our home industry and creating many opportunities in real estate. By 2027, the smart home apps industry will rise to an estimated 200 billion dollars. Let us look at all about home automation mobile applications.  

For a glimpse into the costs involved, developing IoT based smart home automation app could range from $50,000 to $250,000. This estimate hinges on several factors such as the app’s intricacy, the hourly rates of development, the chosen platform, and more. Consequently, the overall budget for the project may fluctuate accordingly.

Globel Revenue in the Smart Home Market 2017-2027

The Functionality of a Smart Home App

A central hub is utilized by a smart home app which is connected to a device through wireless technology. The hub is connected to appliances like thermostats, lights and cameras. Through remote control in smartphones or voice control. You can schedule or make a routine like turning on and off the lights at a specific hour. This can be done with VA (Virtual Assistants) like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

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Cost to build a Smart home automation App - A Detailed Budget Split-up

Development Stages
Development Cost
Project Ananlysis
$1500 - $15000
UI/UX Design
$3000 - $20000
App Development
$5500 - $35000
$2500 - $20000
Quality Assurance Testing
$4000 - $25000
App Launch
$1000 - $15000
$2500 - $20000 per year
Total Cost
$20000 - $150000 per year

Factors Affecting Home Automation Cost

Complex Features

The cost of a smart home automation application will depend on the quantity and complexity of features to include. Basic functionality like scheduling and device control will be less costly, compared to sophisticated features like geolocation, connection, or voice control.

Devices & Platform

The cost varies based on the support of the platform whether it is Android, iOS or both. The app development cost might go up if you want to include more integration work for making your app with other smart devices in your home and protocols like Zigbee, Z-Wave, or Wi-Fi.

Designing UX/UI

Detailed attention is required when creating a visually attractive and indistinctive UX/UI design. The graphics requirement and design complexity, unique animations and branding features can impact on the development cost. If you want a design that captures the audience’s attention and stands out in the market, it is advisable to invest in top-quality UX/UI designs. 

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Integration with APIs and Hardware

Creating integration to your app with specific home devices can be challenging. If you work with the APIs and hardware, the design may require more effort and time. Interoperability and compatibility-related problems can also lead to the cost and complexity of the app development project. The challenges can be controlled if the right expertise and approaches are utilized 

Data Privacy and Security

The development of a smart home app consists of working with solid security mechanisms and sensitive data. In such cases, if top-notch Security maintenance is applied in the app by following the data protection laws, the smart home automation app development cost has a chance to rise.  

Expertise and Location of the Team of App Development

The experience level and the geographical location of the app development team can also depend on the smart home installation cost. The rates might vary depending on the location of the team.  

Steps to Create a Home Automation App

Each step involving creating a smart home automation app is crucial. Let us have a look:  

Steps to Create a Home Automation App

Defining the Features and Function

To develop a home automation app, you must determine its functionality and features. It requires deciding the app’s features, like establishing automation rules, managing smart devices, or tracking energy usage. For designing the app properly, it is also necessary to understand the preferences and demands of a particular section of the targeted audience.

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Analysis and Market Research

Once the features and functions of the app are finalized, it is necessary to conduct thorough market research. This analysis will help to determine the competitors, user experience (UX) and the existing apps in the smart home industry. You can make a difference to your app with your competitors and provide special value to the UX, price of the app, and customer feedback by those competitors. 

UX/UI Design

Creating a smart home automation app requires a diligent design starting from creating the UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience). A simple and attractive interface is important to enhance the satisfaction and engagement of the users. You can visualize the navigation flow, the structure of the app, and the placement of the element by building mockups, prototypes or wireframes.  

Frontend Development

The front-end component of the app is important to deliver seamless UX. The priority of the developers of smart home apps is given to the frameworks for achievements and writing codes in a proper programming language. The team focuses on integrating and developing combined functions such as automation, device control, data monitoring and scheduling with the backend infrastructure. If done so, the development team will assure you that your application looks and functions properly or not.

Backend Development

Setting up the necessary elements like databases, servers, and APIs for communication and data management is required. After completing the design, the backend structure of the app is made. The ability of the app to manage the store data, users’ interactions and interface with various devices of the smart home is ensured with the help of scalable and secured architecture of the backend.

Troubleshooting and Testing

The reliability and performance of the software depends on Troubleshooting and Testing. Thorough testing is done to fix any issues. While compatibility testing is performed on various devices and platforms for a guaranteed and consistent UX, functional testing assures positive functionality. 

App Launch

The app is tested for features, functions and UX (User Experience). After undergoing the testing, our team will prepare the app for launch. At Sunrise Technologies, we assure you of timely deployment. We know how to complete work within deadline. There may or may not be any additional time needed post-deployment. But we can even maintain our work with the remaining time if there is any.

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Ongoing Support and Maintenance

At last, comes the Ongoing Support and Maintenance that are crucial to receive all-time success. Frequent updates are published to address security patches, fixation of bugs, and problems with compatibility. Maintaining a valuable UX involves immediate response to the queries and issues of the consumers and excellent customer service. The app will work well in the changing ecosystem of the smart home, only if it is updated with market trends and technological developments.  

Collaboration among the stakeholders, designers, and developers is vital for a unified and successful conclusion throughout the entire process of smart home application. Let us move to the next discussion point – essential features of a smart home automation app.

Essential Features of a Smart Home App

Smart home automation apps provide many capabilities most often. It helps the customers to manage various portions of their homes with the help of remote access. Here are some of the features of smart home mobile application 

Features of Smart Home App

Voice Control

Blending with Voice Assistants like Google Assistant, Siri and Amazon Alexa provides control of the devices through voice control.

Device Control

It helps users by allowing them to use various smart devices from a single interface, including thermostats, lighting, security cameras, door locks, appliances and many more.   

Timers Scheduling

Users can use timers to schedule automatic operations like turning on the lights and switching them off. You can also provide further modifications to it sometimes.   

Remote Access

Remote access helps users manage and maintain the components of their smart home from anywhere with the help of their smartphones.

Push Notifications

Users can get push notifications of the actual time and provide alerts for events like windows or door openings, motion detection, carbon monoxide or smoke alarms on their smartphones or other devices. 

Incorporating with the Third-Party Services and Devices

This feature enables automation and smooth control across many ecosystems and brands by being compatible with and incorporating a wide range of smartphones and platforms. 

Insights and Data Analytics

If a user owns a smart home device, its usage trends, energy usage, and suggestions to optimize it can be accessed by the user. The functionalities might change depending on the smart home automation app and its supportive devices.  


Opting for a smart home automation app can provide many benefits, such as reducing energy costs because you can access remotely your smart home electrical appliances with voice assistants and through your mobile phone with a tip.  

If you are still asking yourself about how much a smart home cost as a reputable company providing app development service in Australia, Sunrise Technologies, we would like to mention, like most other apps, the cost might vary depending upon the features to include and all other requirements. Contact us for any suggestions or to avail yourself of services from us.

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