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Role of Custom Mobile App Development in the Growth of Business in 2024

Role of Custom Mobile App Development in the Growth of Business in 2024
March 02, 2024

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According to recent data, smartphone ownership has increased by more than 5 billion in 2022, marking it as a year-on-year growth. As smartphone users continue to increase, businesses are investing in custom mobile app development at an alarming rate.  

According to Statista, in 2022, mobile app downloads reached more than 200 billion, giving it a growth of 63% from that of 2016. Moreover, most of the C-level executives of the top companies are giving priority to mobile-related approaches to opt for digital transformation. Most businesses are seeking iOS and Android app developers actively, focusing on the impact that a mobile app can have help to drive business growth and engage with consumers.  

If you are looking forward to investing in mobile applications but cannot make up your mind about how and from where will you start, this article covers all about custom mobile app development, its benefits and types, and its difference from off-the-shelf mobile apps. 

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What is Custom Mobile Application Development?

Different businesses have different requirements and needs. And over here we are not just mentioning a company, we are mentioning an industry. Two close competitors can have separate requirements and needs.  

Based on the specific requirements and needs, the looks and feeling of your mobile app will depend on the function. A custom mobile app development service is the process of developing multiple or single users based on the company’s requirements and needs.  

Usually, custom mobile applications take more time to develop compared to off-the-shelf applications – however, when it comes to scalability, usability and security, other factors of custom app development are a preferable choice. Whether you want to deliver terrific customer service or elevate the loyalty of your customers, customized mobile applications will help you achieve your goals much quicker than off-the-shelf apps. Some of the core advantages of custom mobile application development are:  

Difference between custom development and off-the-shelf mobile apps

The table given below highlights the custom development and off-the-shelf mobile apps. Various aspects have been considered in this table design, process, scalability, flexibility, integration of the third party, security, intellectual rights of the property, time, and cost of development, and the factors that are considered for decision-making. Each option has its drawbacks and advantages, and the decision is based on the priorities and the requirements that are specified for your business.

Custom Development
Off-the-Shelf Mobile Apps
Development Process
Customized according to the goals and vision of your business.
No-code or pre-developed platforms with quality features.
Aligned and unique for your business.
Template based and does not have any unique features.
Flawless scalability according to the growth of your business.
Scalability level is limited.
They are created, restate and flexible according to your business growth.
Flexibility and customization are also limited.
It is generally of less concern because it can tailor according to their needs.
Due to shared platforms, security concerns might take place.
Third-party Integration
Streamlined and smooth integration with the help of third-party apps.
It might have restrictions due to the third-party integration terms.
Rights of Intellectual Property
Full access to the rights of IP and ensuring ownership.
Control over Intellectual Property is also limited.
Time for Development
The development time is more, almost a year.
Fast distribution of ready-to-use apps with lesser setup.
Potential for savings in long-term with maximum investment initially.
Less cost at the initial, having the possibility for hidden cost.
Factors that are Considered for Decision
Vision, needs, priorities, budget and decision for businesses.
Vision, needs, priorities, budget, and time limitations.
Ideal for the needs for unique businesses and scalability in the long-term.
Suitable for limited customization and faster distribution.
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Types of Mobile Applications

Types of Mobile Applications

Native Mobile Applications

They are tailored for a specific platform like iOS, Android, or Windows. These apps are optimized for speed ensuring a simple navigation and flawless user experience. For iOS, developers prefer Objective-C or Swift. While for Android, Java and Kotlin programming languages are used.   

Native apps are excellent in security, performance, and interactivity, and utilize the capabilities of an operating system completely. They generally encounter fewer bugs during development.  

Although development for different platforms requires different efforts, like the tools of cross-platform development, like Titanium, React, Xamarin and other alternative Software Development Kit (SDK) for both Apple and Google.

Web Applications

They are the type of applications that do not require downloading because they are web-based applications that can be accessed from the browser of a mobile phone. So, in a way to download a mobile application, you do not need to run to Google Play store or Apple App Store.  

The benefits of web applications are: – 

Hybrid Mobile Applications

They are applications with a single base of code. To make it work across many platforms, it is crucial to use an interpreter. Hybrid apps are the only option for you when you want your app to work on multiple platforms. In that case, you are not required to make a separate native app.

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Role and Advantages of Custom Mobile Applications

Role and Advantages of Custom Mobile Applications

Improved security

Data is the blood and life in today’s digital world, applicable to every business. Along with that, data breaches are turning out to be a concerning factor for every business, so it is necessary to implement the right tactics for better security. When you choose between off-the-shelf apps and custom mobile applications, it is important to see that if you choose the former, you can select the protocol and data-security technology of your choice.

Maximum Scalability

The needs of your business might be ever-changing. For instance, if you are thinking of scaling your business in the upcoming quarter, and you want to add a new feature to your app. Now, it is crucial to note that while most of the off-the-shelf mobile apps are customizable, they do not offer the same level of support and scalability as the custom mobile apps do.  

Custom mobile apps can indeed adapt to the changing needs of your business, and they are very scalable. So, whether you want to onboard multiple users or want to include new features in your business, you can easily do that by sharing your requirements with the developers by reaching out to them.  

Complete Ownership of Intellectual Property

When it comes to off-shelf mobile applications, you can own the app but not the source code. The same source code might have the chance to be used in other businesses as well. Imagine that you are spending thousands of dollars on the app where you do not become the owner of the source code.  

But in the case of custom mobile apps, you have complete ownership of your app, along with its source code. Therefore, you do not have to worry about other businesses or competitors who might use your source code. On the other hand, you can own the source code to create a flawless integration with other apps.  

Unlimited and Flexible Possibilities

These days, we see many businesses emerge with innovative solutions. And if you want to make sure that the specific requirements and needs of your businesses are met, you should choose custom mobile applications. Whether you need an app for logistics and customer relationship management, whatever your purpose, to achieve long-term goals, choosing a custom mobile app is an affordable decision and a better strategy in the long business. 


You can now imagine elevating the experience and expectations of your customer and delivering genuine customer service with the help of a custom mobile application. As a presenter of this article, we, Sunrise Technologies, are a leading custom mobile app development company in Australia, offering our clients immense support to achieve the results and goals of their businesses. 

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