Things to know about App Development and Maintenance Costs in 2024 Image
Things to know about app maintenance costs in 2024

Things to know about app maintenance costs in 2024
February 20, 2024

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The mobile app development process does not end after it is launched. There are many things to look after post launch. Most of the successful apps have faced technical glitches and bug issues postlaunch. If these issues are not resolved on time, they can harm the app store reviews and user experience (UX). This is the reason why app Maintenance is required as a critical and essential task.  

Now the question arises whether it is still necessary in 2024 and how much is the cost for the Maintenance? 

This article is a complete guide which will help you to understand the app development and maintenance costs along with its types and advantages.

Reasons to opt for an App Maintenance Services

According to a study, mobile apps will fill the digital world by 2025 as the number of smartphone users will rise to a greater level. So, as a business owner, giving priority to the update and app Maintenance will help you to getting your app becoming outdated and obsolete in the mobile app stores. 

Reasons to opt for an App Maintenance Services

Updated Mobile Apps can help in Less Uninstallations

A study revealed that more than 70% of the users uninstall an app due to unwanted notifications. So, this shows that the users are very conscious of the benefits and functionality of the app. This results in deletion or uninstallation of the app that does not meet their requirements. 

The app stores also maintain strict guidelines in terms of quality, and if the listing of your app falls in the app store, the app stores will reject it too. If the app rankings decrease, then it will be removed from the platform of which it is made. The right strategy is updating your app with new Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and features. 

More ROI during the Long-Run

You can gain many financial benefits like increased Return on Investment (ROI) if you update your app on a regular basis. It will also help you to determine cost reduction and attract new users. If you are thinking, how can it help in regular Maintenance, when fixing the occasional bugs, you can extend the bug fixing cost for a longer period. 

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Reducing Loss in Revenue and Downtimes

Any downtime can bring huge loss in the revenue. Large companies like Blackberry and amazon Web Services faced huge revenue loss due to downtime. When such downtimes are anticipated and handled by your team, it proves that you have recovered huge loss in your business and have also gained many users.

Addressing the Concerns on Security

With the evolving of technology and its security threats, performing proper update and maintain can help you to ensure that your app is protected from vulnerabilities and possible breaches. The privacy policies of platforms like Apple or Google are also included, along with local regulations like CCPA and GDPR. 

Maintaining Relevancy in the Market

Keeping your app updated with the help of latest trends of user preference and technology is critical for staying competitive and relevant in the market. This meant redesigning the interface, integration of new technologies and introduction of new features.

Types of Application Maintenance

Emergency Maintenance

This type of maintenance is required for unforeseen problems occurring unexpectedly and requires immediate notice. These issues often get disrupted significantly proper app functioning. It helps to emphasize the swift resolution needed to ensure a superb UX.

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Perfective Maintenance

As the requirements of the users evolve and new features in mobile become popular, you should adapt your app to keep up with the changes. Perfective Maintenance consist of giving response to the feedback proactively and making changes in the source code of the app that is important to enhance the UX continuously.

Adaptive Maintenance

To keep your apps merged with the change in the technological environment, adaptive Maintenance is a necessity. This includes updating the App according to its compatibility with the upgrades in hardware, new versions of the OS (Operating System), or making changes in the software environment that will affect the performance of the app.

Preventive Maintenance

This strategy of Maintenace gives focus on preventive potential errors and reducing the complexity of the app for improving its maintainability. It might include other preventive measures like code optimization, updating the documents and code restructuring. It helps to prevent any further issues in the apps and hence increases its efficiency. 

Corrective Maintenance

Corrective measures help to address the flaws and effects that exists in the functioning of the app. This includes resolving issues relating to coding, design and logic in application ensuring the intended functioning of the app. 

As an owner of an app, it is important for you to know these categories of Maintenance so that you can go for a comprehensive budgeting and planning. To estimate the cost of maintaining your app, consider these maintenance requirements to witness longevity and effectiveness in your app. 

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Cost of App Maintenance

When you are considering app maintenance cost it depends on various factors like push notifications, server management and payment gateways. Once your app is live on platforms like the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, keeping track of the key metrics like Daily Active Users (DAU) is crucial. It helps in highlighting the engaged users and number of app installations. Along with that, Monthly Active User (MAU) helps provide a larger overview on the app engagement. The success of your app is indicated by the high performance of MAU and DAU. 

Now to discuss the general budget guideline, you can consider the cost of updates and maintenance is about 20% of cost to build an app. But the price might vary depending upon the necessary updates. The cost of server Maintenance, push notifications and emergency Maintenance also depends on the level of requirement.  

This blog is not only to discuss the post-launch cost of the apps, but also focused more on maintaining and updating your app which is of great importance. If it is not performed in a proper manner, you can lose potential users and hence you can face huge losses in your business which might be unrecoverable. When you will join hands with us, Sunrise Technologies, we will not just charge for the Maintenance cost, but we will also make sure that your will ROI will not fall.  

App Maintenance Services Best Practices

Addition of new features

Checking out the areas of improvement and new features will add to your app’s value. 

Keeping your UI Updated

With the trend in the habits and styles of the users, you can keep track and update on the User Interface (UI). Your exiting users will be satisfied and happy with the new trend in your app. 

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Checking Performance

It is crucial to check the performance of your app like lags, loading time, and issues in responsiveness. You can stay updated with the analytical reports. It is necessary to keep track of your conversion, churn and retention rates of the customers and analyze their patterns of usage.

Making Schedule in the System Maintenance

When you schedule system maintenance regularly, it is a great process to neglect bugs issues. You can inform your users about the system down due to Maintenance so that you can keep your app updated.


If you want an excellent app experience, then you should plan for an excellent app update. For maintenance and upgrade requirements for apps and to clear about the doubts of its cost, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

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