Health & Fitness app to sell Thinco products and contacts various events in both app and website to provides lots and lots of offers. Brought up the legacy WordPress website into Thinco app using WooCommerce APIs.


Thinco app screen


Do you want to reach your ideal weight? Get started now by installing the Thinco app and find your best weight loss solutions for your lifestyle. Bring down the numbers on your scale by buying Thinco products using their app. Looking for offers on Thinco products? Rush to avail them by contacting various events in both app and website.

This application will allow you to create an account using Name, Mobile Number and Email. You can check out the program guide, FAQ section, how it works section and more in the application. Also, you can check the order status, order number and total amount to be paid in a separate screen. Sunrise Technologies will develop flutter mobile applications with secured Woocommerce API.

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