Babymates is about making real connections multiple like-minded parents at your fingertips, Platform for parents to connect, share ideas, and support each other on this Mate-entity journey.


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Want a modern day baby book at parents’ fingertips? Babymates, a brand-new app that’s creating a community for parents is out there for you. The app is all about managing and sharing ideas between like-minded parents. Get ready to sync up with parents’ in the same life stage to share tips like how to keep kids entertained and balancing work and life. Babymates has also created a resource for location based profile matching. Further, the platform offers parents a private space to connect and support each other.

Install Babymates and save time with the primary advantage for parents not having to give away ownership and maintain their privacy. Do you have requirements in Flutter mobile applications? We Sunrise Technologies are ready to build community applications like this with various features.

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Mike Brett
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