Camera X is an android smart phone camera APP that got lot of manual controls. That includes focus, exposure, white balance and even shutter speed. you can shoot photos in RAW, lossless PNG and RGB histogram.


CameraX app screen
CameraX app screen


Are you looking to take stunning photos on your mobile camera? Here is CameraX for you. The manual mode control feature helps you to take better pictures. You can also shoot photos in raw, lossless png and RGB histogram. With this app you can adjust the ISO incrementally which makes it easy for learning photography. Improve your photography skills by installing this app.

CameraX gives you a huge amount of control over your phone’s camera, including aspect ratio, shutter speed, white balance, exposure and more. The intuitive interface gives you full control over all aspects of your camera to capture amazing photos and videos. If you are interested in photography and have any requirements related to its applications, contact Sunrise Technologies.

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