Instadoc app is to book doctor appointment in app and doctor will visit to patient place to give consultation. GPS tracking is implement to know the patient / doctor exact location. Calendar system implemented to book available slots and block doctors unavailability slots.


Instadoc app screen


Want to book a doctor appointment at the comfort of your home? Say Hello to top doctors with just a click on Instadoc. No travelling, no traffic, no standing in queues for billing and simply no waiting for your turn! Instadoc app helps one book doctor appointments and has GPS tracking enabling the doctors to visit patients directly at their place.

It further has a calendar system to book available slots and block unavailable slots. Additionally, doctor visit at home are cost effective. In the busy lifestyle, It’s time to skip the travel. Tap Instadoc and get a more personalized medical care. Contact Sunrise Technologies to develop a healthcare service app using react native technology.

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